CCTV Cameras

Security Cameras

Security Cameras are also known as CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and used as a form of home security. Traditionally home security cameras would need to be installed by an experienced installer, but as the cost of cameras has come down in price, the installation can sometimes be carried out by someone with basic home maintenance skills.

Camera Locations

Popular places to install a security camera include surveying the front door, or the general frontage of the property. Cameras are usually also placed to the rear of the property, overlooking patio doors or potential access points that a burglar may enter the house.

Other popular places for a house security camera includes fixing to outbuildings, such as a garage or shed. With the availability of wireless security cameras on the market, it is easier to place them further away from your property without the need for long extension cable to connect them to the main unit.

Some people may consider placing their wireless CCTV cameras in covert, discreet places, such as a tree or behind a rock for example. It is important to remember that the more external cameras placed around the perimeter of a property will potentially require batteries changing if they are not connected to a power source to keep them operating at full potential.

Along with a burglar alarm, a home security camera is a great visual deterrent on your property, but shouldn’t be used in isolation as part of your home security product mix. As overall prices for cameras has fell, their popularity has grown nationwide.

Security Camera Technology

With the growth of the home security camera market, so has a wide range of technological innovations. There is now the ability to access cameras around your home camera network through a smartphone or tablet if they are connected to the internet. This can provide many benefits, such as if you want to check up while your away on holiday. People are also using door cameras with two-way audio to communicate with visitors, for example if a parcel is being delivered and you are at work, you can instruct them to leave the parcel with a neighbour or behind the bin, etc.

When considering which camera package to buy it is useful to consider buying a camera bundle, this will work out cheaper than buying individual cameras and will form part of a networked system. Make sure that the camera bundle that you choose has the ability to add additional cameras if needed to expand the system. Other factors to consider are does the main camera network system need to be accessed over the internet, is the connection fast enough? Also make sure you are certain where the recorded images are being stored, are they on a SD card / hard drive, or uploaded to the internet. Is this storage secure?

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