CASAC (Community Action and Support Against Crime) was a burglary reduction charity based in West Yorkshire. Working in close collaboration with regional police forces, councils and government funded projects – CASAC provided target hardening to residential and commercial properties across the region.

Operating for over 10-years, CASAC enabled people to feel safer in their homes. Community Action and Support Against Crime was a champion of snap-secure door locks throughout the industry. The charity was founded at a time when Leeds burglary rates were the highest in the country, with 1-in-4 crimes committed through forced entry of vulnerable door locks.

Working with the Government, police and lock manufacturers; CASAC pioneered changes in UPVC Euro Cylinder door lock accreditation across the industry to recognise the main ratings of door lock:

  • SS312 Sold Secure Diamond rating
  • TS007:2012 British Kitemark – 3 star rating

Operating as a not-for-profit charity with social enterprise status, CASAC was approached by the BBC to appear on a series of awareness documentaries and news items. This raised awareness of the issues of lock snapping UPVC door locks across the country and prompted many householders to upgrade their home security.

Unfortunately shortly following this wide-scale media coverage CASAC had to cease trading, a victim of its own success. Due to central Government cuts and reduction in public sector funding, the main revenue streams of the charity were cut and it was unable to operate as a commercial entity in a competitive home security market.

At the peak of its operation, CASAC has secured over 80,000 homes form burglary by upgrading door locks and upgrading other home security measures. Less than 0.01% of homes that had previously been broken into were burgled after being secured by Community Action and Support Against Crime. The work of CASAC is thought to have contributed to a major reduction in burglaries reported to the police in Leeds. Statistics show that recorded burglaries fell over 61% between 2004 – 2013.

This website now serves as a home security resource, advising homeowners on the options available in keeping their homes secure.

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