Online Password

Online Password Advice

With the continued growth of the internet and it becoming ingrained in many aspects of our lives, it’s highly important to make sure that you are protecting accounts from unauthorised access. Many people now use the internet for their online shopping, banking, work and even socialising online. Research by shows that almost 4.57 billion people …

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Home Safe

Home Safes

Many people will have a safe place for items around their home, thinking that in the event of a burglar they may not find it. This is not always the case as many burglars will want to leave a property with something if they have made the effort to gain access. This can include them …

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Security Camera

Security Cameras

Security Cameras are also known as CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and used as a form of home security. Traditionally home security cameras would need to be installed by an experienced installer, but as the cost of cameras has come down in price, the installation can sometimes be carried out by someone with basic home maintenance …

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Security Fencing

Security Fencing

The outer perimeter of a property is usually surrounded by a garden fence. This isn’t always classified as security fencing and could be to mark a barrier or for decoration. Home fencing should always be a consideration as part of any home security efforts. Metal Security Fencing A security fence is traditionally made of metal …

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Door Locks

Door Locks

A common entry point for burglars is to try and force or compromise the door lock. This is the main access point the property and can sometimes be the weakest point. There is a wide range of door locks on the market with varying prices and levels of security. If you are looking at various …

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Security Lights

Security Lights

Security lights are installed for various reasons. The main reason could be to illuminate and deter a burglar if they are trying to break in. Alternatively, the security lights could be to assist in lighting up the front door when trying to put the key into the door lock on a dark night. The are …

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