Anti Snap Locks

Anti Snap Locks

Euro cylinder lock snapping has grown in recent years and was the sole purpose of CASAC over the past decade to fit anti snap locks on properties.

Commonly fitted to UPVC, composite and aluminium doors, certain types of euro cylinder locks can be snapped in two pieces from the outside. Once the lock is broken, this gives access to the internal door mechanism that allows an intruder to open the door. This is how anti snap locks have got their name.

The Best Anti Snap Locks

In response to this problem, many lock manufacturers created anti snap locks. These types of lock have an internal safety mechanism that if they are compromised from snapping or drilling, they will activate an internal deadlock that stops access to the locking mechanism.

The best high security anti snap euro cylinder locks are also protected from lock bumping and drilling attacks. As a known weak point on UPVC, composite and aluminium doors it is essential to make sure you have the highest quality anti snap barrels and anti bump cylinder locks.

Lock Standards

In response to the lock snapping issue, the industry introduced a set of standards for door locks to grade them effectively:

  1. Sold Secure SS:312 Diamond Door Cylinder
  2. TS007 3-Star Door Cylinder

When fitting uprated cylinder door locks it is advisable to make sure they are paired with an effective security door furniture (handle). There are many different variations of handle on the market today, but for the most effective door handles follow the same coding as with door locks and look for a TS007 2-star handle. Combine this with a 3-star door lock and this combination will be the ultimate in door security.

High Security

Having the highest security level of door locks and handles may be effective against an intruder, but it is also worth considering common sense factors. Do you leave the keys in the lock overnight? Are door keys accessible through a letterbox? Think if a burglar can easily put their hand in and unlock the door themselves.

Other considerations are if it is a thumbturn euro cylinder if this can again be accessed through a letterbox, or if a small window in the door can be smashed to gain access to the thumbturn door lock.

When fitting the euro cylinder door lock it is important to make sure that you measure the lock correctly as there are many different sizes depending on your door. Measure out from the middle screw to get the internal and external measurements. It is also important to insure that the lock does not stick out of the door as this could give the burglar something to gain purchase on if they are attempting to snap the lock.