Security Fencing

Security Fencing

The outer perimeter of a property is usually surrounded by a garden fence. This isn’t always classified as security fencing and could be to mark a barrier or for decoration. Home fencing should always be a consideration as part of any home security efforts.

Metal Security Fencing

A security fence is traditionally made of metal and very tall, the most popular type is a paladin fence. Although these types of fences are not generally regarded as aesthetically pleasing for residential use, they are extremely effective against climbing and attempted cutting. In a residential situation this type of fence could be used a bottom of a garden, or out of sight. The fence would be effective in blocking off any potential access risks, but due to the thing unobtrusive nature could be covered with plants to blend into its surroundings.

Normally a garden perimeter fence is constructed of wood and not usually classified as a security fence. It is important to note that any garden fence must not exceed 2 meters in height, any taller and planning permission must be applied for. It is not advisable to place any spiked objects on top of the fence that could cause injury or cut someone climbing over, either innocently or as a way to access the property. There is however, no restrictions on growing a thorny plant across the top of a fence as an access deterrent.


Other methods of making it harder for an intruder to climb over a fence is to apply anti-climb measures to security fencing. Anti-climb paint can be purchased from locksmiths and DIY stores, this paint, it’s usually used commercially on drainpipes or single-storey roofs to prevent vandalism etc. The consistency and texture of the paint is unpleasant and is only advisable to use in out of sign places. It is also advisable to put signage up to warn and alert about the usage of anti-climb paint.

Other fence-topping security features include plastic spikes, these are less severe of metal barbed wire type spikes, or even broken glass. These spikes are designed to cause discomfort to anyone trying to climb over, but not cut or injure the intruder. The plastic spike strips can be cut to size and then easily screwed or glued to the top strip of the fence, usually available in black or brown colours to blend in to their surroundings.

It is important to remember that whatever security fencing or anti-climb features are used, that local wildlife is taken into consideration. Cats will often walk along the top of a fence and if fence security measures injure the animal this could lead to negative neighbour relationships.

Neigbourhood Watch

One of the most effective forms of home security is a tight-knit neigbourhood watch schemes keeping a watchful eye on local properties and keeping alert for anything suspicious. Good relations with neigbours could also lead to them contacting the local police force if they see activity on a property if they have been informed that it is vacant.